Kalafina entrevista de la AnimeExpo 2011

Esta es una de las entrevistas de la AnimeExpo 2011, ayer dos de julio se celebró un concierto en los ángeles pero hoy quiero dejaros una entrevista traducida gracias a Naveen, está en ingles pero si puedo la traduciré a español.

What does the group’s name, Kalafina, mean?

Ms. Kajiura gave us the name and we really like the way it looks and fits. So we treasure the name that Kajiura gave us.

How would you describe the group’s sound?

For each song the producer will give us the accompaniment and then we will consider the how song is written, how we should express it, and what we should try to communicate.

What is your favorite thing about working with Yuki Kajiura?

We are extremely impressed with the way Kajiura is able to harmonize all of our voices together. It is very touching and moving. We are very thankful.

Who are your musical influences?

Wakana: Celine Dion has a lot of grandeur and power behind her voice.

Keiko: I admire Ozaki Yutaka for the way he is able to sing from his soul.

Hikaru: I like Beyoncé Knowles.

What is your favorite part about performing and being overseas?

Whether they are in Japan in American the fans will always be number one so we will always treasure them. So in that way there is no big difference.

What is the thing you miss most about America?

The last time we came to America was when we traveled to Boston. We were worried whether people would know about Kalafina or not. But when we came, people greeted us so warmly. During the autograph session, people came up to us saying “Oh we bought your CDs!” and “We’re so excited that you are here.” It really gave us a lot of confidence, and so we wanted to come back. We’re happy we have the chance to come back to America.

Do you watch the anime series that you performs songs for?

Yes, we do.

Do you know about Kyubey?

Oh yeah! “Make a contract with me?” right? [laughs]

If you had to make a contract with Kyubey to become a Puella Magi what would it be and why?

If I had to make a contract with Kyubey it would have to be something extremely important. Nothing currently comes to mind at the moment. However, if there was really a difficult situation, whatever comes to mind would do.

Which is your favorite song to perform live?

It’s difficult to choose just one since all of the songs are important to us. We treasure each song and we make sure that each song has meaning to them when we perform.

Since you have a 3rd album coming out, will you be performing any of the songs from it for the concert that will be held on July 2nd?

The third album is still currently in production stages. Since we want this live to represent the current Kalafina, we will be using songs that we have already released. But when the album comes out, we look forward to performing them perhaps at a future Anime Expo.

What do you hope to accomplish during your trip to Anime Expo?

We hope to communicate well with our fans in order make a lasting connection with one another.

Lastly, is there anything that you want to say to fans of Kalafina and attendees of Anime Expo?

For all the fans at Anime Expo we will put on such a great performance so that you’ll want to have us come back and sing again. So please come and have fun with us!

-También aprovecho para dejaros un par de imágenes de la visita a EstadosUnidos

Live in animeexpo

Gracias a Wintersviolet del foro de canta-per-me y effyeahkalafina por las imágenes

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